video mapping + food experience
Colapesce is an immersive dining experience, that aims to sensitize people about the sea. The menù is inspired to this old myth of Naples, who tells about Cola a guy that turned into a fish-man for his strong passion and love for the sea. The fish-based courses are designed starting from a specific moment of the story, the diners will discover a piece of the story after every dish through projections and narratives. The synergy created around the table that becomes the stage where food is celebrated, not only as an element of nutrition but also as a vehicle for communication. Each course is like a theatrical act: scene changes, the atmosphere evolves and emotions grow.
All the plates and eating tools are invented and produced for that particular recipe, in order to involve the diner inside this food theatre not as a passive spectator but as an active actor. The location is designed for a full immersion experience thanks video mapping technologies we can basically turn the classic dining room into a multisensorial space, able to awaken the senses and feelings. The first purpose of this experience is to deliver a story through food, technology and interactions, but the final intention is to use such strong experience as a motivation to spread awareness on sea pollution. At the end of the dinner, the guests will receive a card that contains information about every design project that is trying to fix oceans problems, they will find on this card a QR code that links to videos or images and they will be encouraged to share these initiatives. The first step to solving such a critical problem is to create awareness and conscious society.
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