Bella Ciao

Branding + Illustration + Web Design
Bella Ciao, a neapolitan pizzeria located in the vibrant city of Nice, France, embarks on an exciting branding project that embodies a youthful, fresh, and modern style. At the heart of this branding endeavour is a meticulously handcrafted logo that perfectly captures the essence of Bella Ciao's energetic atmosphere. Every stroke and detail of the logo exudes a contemporary flair, reflecting the pizzeria's commitment to a vibrant and trendy aesthetic. To complement the logo, a series of captivating illustrations were created using Procreate and transformed into sleek vector graphics. These illustrations, brimming with vibrant colors and modern design elements, showcase the delectable ingredients and exciting flavors that define Bella Ciao's exceptional pizzas. The same hand drawn graphic style extends to the interior design, featuring eye-catching wallpapers that create an engaging and inviting ambiance. Printed materials such as menus, business cards, and the iconic pizza box embrace this energetic aesthetic, featuring the handcrafted logo and incorporating the striking illustrations to enhance the overall brand experience. Bella Ciao's brand exudes a youthful and contemporary charm, inviting customers to savor not only their delicious pizzas but also a fresh and modern dining experience in the heart of Nice.
In addition to the comprehensive branding overhaul, Bella Ciao extends its design expertise to the development of a stunning website that showcases a seamless user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The website, meticulously crafted to align with the pizzeria's young and modern style, features a visually appealing layout that ensures effortless navigation for visitors. With a focus on enhancing user engagement, Bella Ciao's team of designers meticulously crafted custom-made and original animations, which were seamlessly integrated into the website. These captivating animations bring a touch of dynamism and interactivity, elevating the user experience to new heights. From delightful loading animations to engaging hover effects, each element of the website has been thoughtfully designed to captivate the attention of users and leave a lasting impression. By combining striking visuals, intuitive navigation, and engaging animations, Bella Ciao's website not only serves as an online platform for customers to explore the menu and place orders but also as a testament to the pizzeria's dedication to providing a modern and immersive dining experience.
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