Food Design + R&D + Bartender
WILDLY, a wild bartender experience made in collaboration with WE R FOOD, Wooding bar* and RIVO gin . Foraging is becoming more and more popular and the concept of this project start from this aspect, that was launched also from Rene Redzepi. Wooding bar* and RIVO gin outsource their material from the nature, the bar goes in the forest to forage and produce incredible juice out of plants and herbs (when you recognize them you understand the huge knowledge they have on foraging), also RIVO gin outsource his aromatic herbs from the nature exactly from the lake of Como.
So I decided to outsource the shape of my glass from nature as well and I went in my origin territory: the Vesuvio volcano. I was searching for a shape that could be transformed into a glass through a silicon mould, then I founded a beautiful pine cone that I transformed into a glass made of crystalized isomalt sugar. The match of visual, touch, smell and taste experience in one organic object: the pine cone glass seems to look like ice sculpt glass but when you touch it will be a little sticky, just like you are holding a real pine cone just felt down from the tree; the smell of the sugar flavoured with some forest aroma and the little sweetness of the sugar melting in the cocktail close the circle of the bartender experience in one object.
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