Food Design + Upcycling + 3D silicone mold
HOP is an Honeycomb Organic Packaging and it’s designed for containing small amount of honey. The idea is to replicate what bees naturally do, designing a completely sustainable and zero-impact packaging. This 100% natural pack suits perfectly all the one-use consumption situation of honey, it could fits in bar or tea rooms, it could be perfect for breakfast buffet in hotels or B&Bs or could be an eco solution for many caterings.
The packaging was first designed in 3D then was implemented the design of the casting matrix, where the whole production began. The matrix is 3D printed and then used to cast the final silicone mould, in order to fill it and close it the packaging molds are 2: one for the container, one for the tap. With a large number of these small silicone molds then we started the production of the final packaging, melting the honeycomb and then pouring it filling all the molds; after 1 hour the packs are ready to be demoulded, filled with honey and finally sealed. Thanks these special molds the honey producer can easily auto produce a natural packaging that he can use to sell his products, that’s why HOP is not just a packaging but a redesigned process that act on the final stage of production improving at the same time efficiency, reuse of production outcomes and modern consumption.
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