A que sabe un color?

Food Experience - Food Installation
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In the vibrant city of San Pedro Garza García, Mexico, a memorable collaboration unfolded, where the culinary world met the realm of art, colors, and flavors. A que sabe un color, an event that I, alongside my creative partner Mariana, had the privilege to conceptualize, design, and execute, was a celebration of gastronomic wonder and a feast for the senses. In collaboration with Cena Amarillas, the pioneers of a social dining format, we embarked on an exhilarating journey into the realm of culinary exploration. A que sabe un color was our answer to the question, "What does color taste like?" It was an extraordinary event that transcended the boundaries of traditional dining experiences. At the heart of the event lay the concept of "mesas" or tables, each a distinctive universe of ingredients, flavors, and interactions. Guests were invited to embark on an adventure of color and taste as they journeyed through these mesas. Each table was a canvas, an expanse of possibilities, where the culinary arts intersected with the world of aesthetics. As the evening unfolded within the enchanting setting of Nave Tampiquito, an ex-factory space transformed into a haven of creativity, guests were treated to a multi-sensory journey. Visual delights were interwoven with the symphony of flavors. The mesas came to life, showcasing the beauty of ingredients, their vibrant hues, and their power to evoke emotions.
Our collaborative vision didn't end with the choice of ingredients; it extended to the art of exploration itself. Aque sabe un color was a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and inspiring our guests to see food not just as sustenance but as a form of artistic expression. The event's ambiance was elevated by immersive video mapping, a visual spectacle that heightened the sensory experience. The space transformed with the play of colors and patterns, becoming a canvas for creative expression. To complete this sensory journey, we enlisted the talents of DJ Michiko, whose beats and rhythms were the invisible threads connecting flavor, color, and emotion. Music became an integral part of the experience, harmonizing with every bite, sip, and interaction. A que sabe un color was more than an event; it was a statement. It was a testament to the boundless possibilities of collaboration, where the worlds of culinary arts, design, technology, and creativity converged. It left an indelible impression, reminding us that food is not just sustenance but an artistic medium, and the canvas of our plates can be as evocative as a painting.
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