Hi there!
I’m Vincenzo Sorrentino

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What does
means to me?

Recreation means re-creating something that was already done, already here, contextualizing it in a future scenario. Recreation is also when children have their break during school and this is always fascinating, to look at reality with the eye of a child, always curious. The studio doesn’t aim to invent brand new things, the mission here is to push old practices and cultures to renovate themselves. 

We know that food is evolving with us. 

About me

Good To Know

I am always learning something new, it could be new software or digital tool or it could be a new cooking technique! 

Hungry mind for a better world 🙂


  • Bachelor Degree in Design & Communication
  • Master Food Design & Innovation
  • Lots of online courses!
  • Currently Apple Developer Academy

Work Experience

Freelance since 2017!

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