Sail Pizzeria Concept > 1° Desita Award Pizza Experience  2017 The sail is a Nomadic Pizzeria, located on different beaches around the world. The place is built with a simple construction, made of wood, and his characteristic is to be removable and moved by truck. The mission of this Pizzeria is to create sharing and mix …

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Packaging Design Extra Virgin Olive Oil > Massedale 2020 From the logo to a pattern, the principal element of this composition come from an ancient gate in a Tuscany region. We tried to transform this element in an elegant packaging design that contain a monocultivar biological olive oil.


Ultraviolet Food Experience / Installation > own project 2018 Ultraviolet is the colour of 2018 for PANTONE, we designed a food experience inspired by this colour. Ultraviolet it’s been always linked to the unknown and to the universe mysteries, starting from this point we developed a menu and interaction that could transport in a mysterious …

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Tools for Food

Next Pot Object for Food / Product Design > own project  > Ceramica Cafaro collaboration 2016 Tools for food were the first objects designed by humans, we need them to survive. Looking the tools evolution from sharp stones to modern hi-tech tools, I noted that plates didn’t change radically their shapes. Why do we …

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A que sabe un color

A que sabe un color? food experience / creative catering > Colectivo Pillahuano > Lagerita > Cenas Amarillas coll. 2020 A que sabe un color is an event we made in Mexico in collaboration with Cena Amarillas, a social dinner format in San Pedro Garza Garcia. I and Mariana designed an explorative aperitif around the theme of colours …

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Digital Graphic / Packaging Design Website / App UI UX > Bella&Bona since 2020 With Bella&Bona we established a long work collaboration, developing their compostable packaging, exploring a new way to improve the foodservice and consumption in work offices, creating a consistent brand in all his touchpoints. Many things we developed with them from the website to …

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Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen Design / Prototyping > own project 2019 Recreation is mobile, the mission: to bring food and conviviality in places where they don’t exist. The module can make PopUp dinners or aperitif immersed in nature, totally autonomy. Materials are also natural and we used some wood join techniques to make the body. With …

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Wildly Edible Glass / Prototyping  > Rivo Gin > Wooding Bar year WILDLY, a wild bartender experience made in collaboration with WE R FOOD, Wooding bar* and RIVO gin . Foraging is becoming more and more popular and the concept of this project start from this aspect, that was launched also from Rene Redzepi. Wooding …

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